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03-16-2021 09:39 AM
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I'm Anagha Raghunandan, a 15 year old girl studying in 10th grade, from India. 


Since water is precious, I was reading about water conservation, and the recent work done in our house for rainwater harvesting, and I came across this paper. I thought, ‘why can’t this technology be extended as a mobile application to increase the reach of usage to the common person, instead of them depending on specialists?'.


Artificial recharging and rainwater harvesting are possible solutions to groundwater depletion problem world wide. However, the effective implementation of artificial groundwater recharge programs depends on whether the structures are on the appropriate sites or not, as well as community participation.


I am trying to build a Mobile Application as a Proof of concept using the existing model ("Identifying groundwater recharge zones using remote sensing & GIS techniques" developed by the Indian Central Ground Water Board), and an inventory of possible types of recharge structures suitable for the site conditions.


I was working on a regular mobile application, when I stumbled upon ArcGIS Mobile Applications solutions. I wanted to find out if the use case I am looking for can be achieved using ArcGIS Mobile App. 


The favourable location for groundwater recharge is greatly influenced by geology, geomorphology, LULC, slope, soil, drainage/water bodies, post monsoon water level and weathered thickness & fractures occurring at near surface. To identify suitable zones for groundwater recharge, spatial data integration using index overlay model in GIS environment was done. 


In this model, seven layers were integrated by assigning weightage for the theme with scale of 1–100 and sub-classes of the theme between 1 to 4 scales. The resultant map was reclassified into four classes viz. very high, high, moderate and poor categories.


Here are the questions I have:


1) Can we have the Thematic Data geo-rectified & projected in Geographic coordinate system in an ArcGIS Mobile App as a base map? The model was built using the attached data & source, I need to know if this can be made as a base ap in an ArcGIS mobile app just like a terrain map or a traffic map?


Please find the attached data and source used along with a small data process step.


2) Can an ArcGIS mobile app be built to highlight the possible types of recharge structures suitable for the site conditions from an inventory? (using an AI/ Search algorithm & same 7 Thematic Data from the base map). That is, can the app:


  1. Select a village or site boundary on the base map from point 1?
  2. Suggest appropriate zones / locations for building recharge structures?
  3. Suggest a type of recharge structure suitable for the site conditions from an inventory?  (using an AI/ Search algorithm & same 7 Thematic Data from the base map).


If my questions are not clear, I can explain again, but I need help on understanding how ArchGIS mobile app can be used for this purpose. 


This can be extended to any region or country, not just India, based on the data to create the base map.

I had a few discussions with the senior scientists who worked on this paper in order to understand the model & feasibility of making this into an application. I am planning to suggest this to the Central Ground Water Board, Government of India, for further development. 


Please do help.




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