XLSForms For Field Maps Smart Forms

11-02-2021 11:47 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Allow configuration of Smart Forms using the XLSForms - like workflow of editing an external file, rather than relying on a web-based interface.

A major strength of the Survey123 workflow is the ease with which forms can be formatted and updated using a spreadsheet. Adding this functionality, or something similar, to Field Maps smart forms would greatly speed up the process of designing data collection tools.

Integrating Field Maps with Survey123 using related tables and URL links is one solution, but it is ultimately a clunky workflow for offline data collection in rugged terrain. It is a bit much to require fieldworkers to keep multiple apps updated and synced while working long weeks in harsh conditions.

Even if all XLSForms features were not supported, just being able to group and format fields without using the drag and drop web interface would be a huge time saver.