Stand-Alone Form Builder

01-14-2021 08:39 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be great if there was a stand-alone form builder, like Survey123 Connect, for the Field Maps forms. Right now, we deploy a robust Collector-to-Survey123 map and form, and pre-load the form layout from a template we have saved. Re-creating this in Field Maps would take hours when in Survey123 Connect it takes minutes. If we wanted to build in the fields and logic, we would have to hand-design all of the arcade expressions every time we deploy.

It would be great if we could export templates of our form designs and then be able to upload them on a new form to make designing much easier!



Oh we do that also.   We just have the user set that one status field in Collector/Field Maps.   We set all other fields to not editable and turn off geometry updates on the layer.  Works fine.

You are right that FeatureSet does not work on symbols.. yet anyway.

Everything else is done via 123 via launch links.  Seems like you could do the same.  

You could also pass the polygon to 123 and symbolize on that. Or have a point 123 form symbol on top and be a big checkmark or something.

Hope the helps