Show maps in the app when offline

03-23-2021 04:05 PM
Status: Open
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When I'm in the field with no mobile data availble, the Field Maps app doesn't show my list of available maps. I have made an Offline Map, created offline areas, downloaded to my phone, and enabled all the offline functionality, but my phone has to have a data-connection for the maps to even show up on my phone, in order to select them and use them. This defeats the purpose of having an offline map.  We should be able to start the app, find our downloaded maps, and collect data even if we don't have a data signal.  We have marched 6 miles into the field only to find that Field Maps would not load on ANY of our phones (3 team members, all the same issue. Thanks. 

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Hi Andrew,

You should still see any downloaded maps when you are offline with the app. When you say Field Maps would not load - what did you see when you opened the app? As long as you were signed in when it went offline it still should have opened to the browse screen and showed your offline areas. Was it the browse view saying you do not have any maps? And are you using iOS or Android?