Option to Enable/Disable auto-Collect

01-05-2023 06:06 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I'd like to see the option to enable or disable auto-collect on Field Maps. There's times when the auto-collect is useful and others when it's a bit of a hassle when collecting features that have to be manually placed. For example, when collecting features that are spread apart in a large and open area, auto-collect is great. Often, I have to collect features next to and/or in between buildings where the GPS signal accuracy decreases and I have to manually place points that are in a row along a building. Every time I select the "+" and choose the feature to collect (I use averaging) the map will immediately start auto-collecting/averaging and since the GPS signal is lost in-between buildings, the map kind of shifts around to the last known GPS location. I then have to scroll through the map to find where I manually placed the point, then repeat this process again for each feature in that row (that sometimes can be up to 20+ features). By adding a  enable/disable auto-collect option, we'd get the freedom of choosing when the collection begins. Thanks.

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