Control whether app launches to last used map or to app home screen

04-07-2022 07:27 AM
Status: Open
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Currently Field Maps takes you to the most recently used map when you launch the mobile app. I would like the ability to adjust that behavior so it launches on the app home screen instead. 

Two use cases for our organization: 

1. The most recent update caused issues with previously downloaded offline areas for some users. The app would freeze and crash almost immediately while using the offline area. For most users those offline areas were the map they used most recently. So every time they opened the app it took them right back into that offline area, froze, and crashed. If they didn't catch it and back out to the home screen fast enough it just turned into a loop of open app > freeze > crash > repeat. 

2. We package a new offline area weekly. Users are supposed to download that new area and delete the old one every time. Because the app opens directly to the most recently used map, users have no reason to back out and see that a new version is available unless they use multiple maps, which many do not. This results in users having outdated maps and data. If they had to navigate to the map from the home screen they would see the new offline area and stay more up to date.