Ability to Drop Multiple Points with Identical Attributes before Submitting

01-25-2023 12:31 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I collect data while traveling at driving speeds. FYI cannot use QuickCapture because it does not meet my data collection needs. It would be great if there were the ability to add multiple points with identical attributes before hitting "Submit." This is because submitting takes a significant period of time (even offline) and the process for adding another point takes a significant amount of time, even if copying the previous point.


Kind of like an on-the-fly template? I like it!



Just a fellow Field Maps User here, but I believe that is something you can do if field maps now as a work around until this is answered by someone from ESRI. 

1. Create all the points you want 

2. Use the "select multiple" option in the three dots menu (in the top right of the app UI) to select all identical points

3. Attribute all of them at once.

I like your idea, but if you need a short term fix give this a try!