What is a reasonable amound to data to expect to consume in a month with Explorer for ArcGIS, use case is utility location for mobile users. Is an unlimited data plana required? Is 50GB/Mo reasonable useage?

03-01-2016 11:00 AM
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What can a field user reasonably expect data plan consumption to be. 50GB per month or more? Is an unlimited data plan a requirement for utility applications of Explorer.

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Turns out that you can query this directly (with iOS devices) luckily with ipads you can look
at exactly which applications are using that bandwidth.

If they have someone look at:

  1. Settings>Cellular>Use Cellular Data For

There will be a list of all the
apps on that device and what amount of data has been used in the current
period.  This will tell them exactly how much explorer has used.

Anecdotally my current period
usage for explorer, when used very little, is 4.3mb and for collector which I
use frequently is 174mb.

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ESRI could create a kind of "data consumption calculator", like the credit table. Any kind of benchmark would help.