Explorer For ArcGIS (IOS) not connecting to portal

09-09-2015 02:52 AM
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Our Eplorer-App on IOS ist not connecting to our Portal for ArcGIS while our Android-App does (same configurations).

The problem appears, after the URL to our poral is entried and Username and Password are filled it - the error says, that there is no server with the given host (which isn't true - i can promise ;) ).

Is there sombody who recognises this probeem and could give advice or a hint how to solve this problem?

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Hey Christian,

Could you tell me a little more about the security model your Portal environment is using? Is the web server externally accessible? When you connect with your Android device, are you on a cellular network or wifi? What about with the iOS device? What Portal URL are you using in each application? Could you include a screenshot of the error or an exact transcription of it as well?



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Hi Christian,

We have the same issue with our Portal environment not connecting to an iOS device but connects to an Android. We have the same issue on cellular or wifi. Our web server is externally accessible to employees only. I am working with ESRI Premium Support and they are indicating it could be a bug but haven't gotten confirmation.

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