load shapefile but can not host feature layer

09-09-2021 07:07 PM
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I'm trying to host/publish a feature layer using the shapefiles. however, the shapefile loaded without problem. I can't publish the feature layer. Please see the error message below.

I have been host some of the layers for a while, but somehow the connection broke today, not sure if the website change something.

Please help!! thank you so much!



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@YanSong can you share a copy of your Shapefile? If not, are you able to load it into an ArcGIS Pro,File geodatabase, and if it fails, you may get a better error log as to why.

Also, running Check and Repair Geometry tools to check for invalid geometries.

Chances are, you have an invalid field or an invalid geometry.

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I can load the shapefile without a problem. but I can't publish the layer

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