Make sideloaded mmpk and tpk data available to all users in Explorer Desktop windows 10

07-30-2021 10:21 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

if I use DISM to install ArcGIS Explorer Desktop App as a Provisioned App, then it is available for all users that log onto that computer.

However, for offline usage, the mmpk's and any basemap tpk's that are loaded need to be copied over for all users into each Appdata profile.  When there are potentially many users, and the basemap(s) can be 15Gb +, you soon run out of room trying to copy to each users profile on most laptops.

It has taken quite a bit of "workarounds" to make ArcGIS Explorer Desktop available for any user that logs onto the laptop and have access to the single copy of the operational map and basemap on the computer.

Please update Explorer so that it can access sideloaded mmpk's and tpk's from a common location accessible to all users  without a bunch of cmd workarounds.