Online resources for understanding and learning ArcGIS capabilities

03-24-2011 12:00 PM
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Question asked by a user: "What kind of online resources are there available to (1) get a high level understanding of what ArcGIS can do and (2) help me get practical experience using the software".

My suggestions:

ArcGIS 10

1. 2010 User Conference and demos and workshops. ArcGIS as a complete system, UC Technical Workshops �?? over 40 videos in 11 categories of Esri subject matter experts delivering 90 minute user conference sessions.

2. 2010 Esri Education User Conference Proceedings - 17 computer labs (exercises plus data) covering What�??s new in ArcGIS Desktop, Animation/Time, Cartographic Design, ArcGIS Server, Editing, Python, Pattern Analysis, Regression, Geoprocessing, Raster, Spatial Statistics and others.

3. Esri Training Seminars - Free, hour-long technical presentations and demonstrations delivered by Esri subject matter experts that you can watch online.

4. ArcGIS Online help tutorials - Read or complete these tutorials, also delivered with the software.

5. EGEO Lab - Embed a Google Map into your website, then display data from the ArcGIS Sample Server.

ArcGIS 9.X

6. ArcGIS Online help tutorials - Read, watch or complete these tutorials, also delivered with the software.

7. The Environmental & Remote Technologies Lab - For those interested in learning the basics of ArcGIS (tutorial plus data).

8. Advanced Applications of GIS in the Geosciences from OSU - Labs based on data models, analysis, geostatistics, network and surface/terrain analysis.

9. ArcGIS for Forestry from Auburn University - Intro, Linking features to attributes, Data Visualization, Maps for presentation, Neighborhood Operation & Proximity Analysis, Registering Aerial Images, Digitizing, Overlay Operation, Projections & External Spatial Data, GRID Data, DEM�??s

Labs without the data

These may be useful to read, rather than complete:

10. MIT Workshop on Geographic Information Systems (Urban Planning Theme) - Labs (exercises, no data) based on database operations, raster and vector analysis, web services and others.

11. Intro to GIS from Sonoma State University - Labs (exercises, no data) based on projections, attribute tables/data query, cartography, data models, georeferencing, metadata, vector analysis, raster analysis, Google Earth.
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