Map Service will not display in 3D view; only displays in 2D?

11-09-2010 07:00 AM
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I have a fully cached map service with ArcGIS Server 10 which will only display in ArcGIS Explorer 2D view.  It does not display in 3D.

Any suggestions?  Thanks!
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We are still having this issue where we can bring cached map service into 2D view, but not 3D view.

This does not occur on every desktop.  We work in a very secure enviornment and some desktops may have stricter domain/local policy or antivirus software.

What are the differences as to how ArcGIS Explorer renders 2d vs 3d views with regard to using local disk space or other resources which might be limited by domain/local policy or antivirus software?

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Both the 2D and 3D caches are kept in the user temp folder. So for example, on a machine where this hasn't been modified, and I'm logged in, it is C:\Users\mbranscomb\AppData\Local\Temp\E3.

Unfortunately at this point I cannot think of a reason why the service would simply not display in 3D but does in 2D. You could try creating the Explorer log folder and take a look at the contents of the log file e.g. C:\Users\mbranscomb\Documents\E3Log. Remember to delete this folder though after you've done your research - a lot of information gets logged here so the file could grow rapidly and it may slow down Explorer slightly. You'll see the line like "14:13:43 - 3780 - MapDisplay::DisplayMode::set Display3D" when you try to switch to 3D.


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