Remove a point while tracking shapes in ArcGIS Explorer

09-03-2015 06:52 AM
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Hello, I'm developing add-in for ArcGIS Explorer using SDK build 1500. I'm using BeginTrackPolyline() method ( ) from MapDisplay class to track shapes from the screen. This method have a parameter from type TrackStatus enumeration ( and as I see there is a member PointRemoved. According to the documentation: A point has been removed from the tracked shape. This happens when the user right-clicks while tracking a shape with more than one vertex (Vector, Polygon, Polyline, Arrow, Circle and Envelope tracking methods). I'm trying to find out how to actually remove a point while drawing, right-click does not work. Is the documentation wrong? Is there another way to remove a point while drawing on the map?

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I think you're asking whether right-click removes a vertex works in the ArcGIS Explorer application. (Not asking about removing a vertex in VB through the SDK). You reported that it does not seem to be working. I can tell you that it does work, however, it removes only the last vertex created by the user. So you can add vertices by left clicking, and then you can "back up" by right-clicking, one vertex at a time, all the way back to the beginning if you wish.

Perhaps you are trying to hover over a specific vertex and right clicking. That does not work. You can only remove the most recent vertex that you created.

Hope this helps.

Ellen Bryson

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Thanks for the replay. Yes, you are right, the question is not related to removing the vertex pragmatically, but removing it while the user is drawing in the application using right click of the pointing device. I tried now and it is working, but only in 2D display. When the active display is 3D, right click is rotating the map . I'll try to find out is it possible to disable map rotation in 3D display.


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