Plot 3-D line graph on map?

06-23-2015 06:30 AM
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Is there a way to plot a three dimensional line graph on top of a map where x and y are lat/long and the z variable is something like salinity? I'm trying to make a plot which follows a cruise track, so that along the track one could see how the z variable changes.

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Yes, this could be done using 3D analyst and ArcGIS desktop, and the Stack Profile tool (ArcGIS Help 10.1), if you had the salinity values as a raster layer. I don't think it can be done using ArcGIS Explorer though. Did you mean to post your question in that space?

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Thanks a lot Sephe! We are a bit unsure of how to follow your advice.

As you noted we were in the wrong forum so we have moved the conversation to 3-D plot with long and lat as x and y and attached an image of the plot we would like to be able to draw.

Hope you can helps us!

Thanks a lot.

Helga and Christy.

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