New ArcGIS Desktop Explorer addin for retrieving GPS data

03-16-2014 05:49 PM
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Hello Everyone,

I have spent a bunch of time rewriting my addin for retrieving tracks and waypoints from Garmin GPS for ArcGIS Desktop Explorer (AGX version 2500). This addin should now automatically grab all current track and waypoint data from any Garmin protocol or USB mass storage-based GPS. Simply plug in the GPS to your computer, start up AGX, and hit the button. All of the data first gets saved to a gpx file (you will be prompted for a save location), and then populates the data on screen. Note that for Garmin GPS that use USB mass storage, you have to wait until Windows recognizes that the device is attached (i.e. there is a drive letter for the GPS) before trying to retrieve the data in AGX.

You will know you have the correct version of the addin by the message that pops up when you hover the mouse over the button. It should read
"(Ver 0.2)Retrieves track and waypoint data from Garmin GPS"

Note that you may need the Garmin USB device driver installed on your machine as well (which is likely already installed if you have been using your GPS with your computer). You can get it at:

Please give the addin a try with whatever GPS you have and let me know if it works, or what bugs you find.


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