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04-01-2020 03:17 PM
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So I have been trying out Experience Builder to see what capabilities it has. I wanted to try creating an app that was table focused for editing attributes in a table. I have a List and a Feature Info widget. I use the list to search for the record I want to edit and the Feature Info to display the attributes. Both widgets are pointing to a map service that is editable. I can edit the data just fine in a map viewer. I can't figure out how I can actually edit the attributes in Experience Builder. Is there something I am not doing correctly or can it not edit? Hopefully I'm missing something basic.

Thanks for any help, Al

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Hi Al,

Currently, we do not have an editing widget that will allow you to edit a data source. This functionality is something we have on our list of enhancements as we need to support editing not just in the map, but also like you have stated above. 

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Looking forward to the Edit widget coming to Experience Builder. It is exciting we can show related tables now in the JS 4 version of the web map pop ups... can we expect the new Edit widget to expand on editing capabilities for related tables as well? Thank you

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Hi Brittany,

We have yet to define the specifications for the editing features. We will certainly add this to our list to research.



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Hello David, 

I was wondering if there has been any progress with regards to editing features using Experience Builder widgets?

Using an Experience Builder web apps to manage and edit rapidly changing data will be an essential feature for my users if we are to migrate to these types of apps over the Web AppBuilder platform. 

Thank you,


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Hi David, 

Our organization is also looking for this functionality. Is there any update for when this will be available?


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I know implementing this capability is non-trivial, but I'm just adding to the chorus of folks who would like to see feature service editing available in Experience Builder. 

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Is there any update on this? My organization also needs this feature

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Adding my voice - really would like editing capabilities, and I am quite willing to show you my experience I am developing that would use that funcitonality.

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I also need the editing capability. Any ETA? It's mostly for the Feature Info widget for the user to edit certain fields.

I tried providing edit functionality using survey123 connected to the layer but I don't think I want to show that.

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