Embed widget problems after april AGOL update

05-06-2021 05:30 PM
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We have many experience sites hosted on agol that were created over the past year or so and many of them take advantage of the embed widget to link to s123 forms or dashboards, the embed url was created using what was then the expression option and connected to data. 

After the april agol update all these embeds now show an error message on the published site to the end users that only https is supported. This displays until a record is selected, very confusing for them, and the embed then loads correctly. The error is misleading as the url that was used was https (you could only use  https). See attachment.... end user error.jpg.

Also then with the update in the builder site we seem to have lost the visibility to update/see what the original url expression was, the new widget settings just shows the name that was originally applied to the expression but we cannot seem to see the expression itself, it's almost like in the config conversion the wrong information was transferred. See attachment... embed config options.jpg. This makes it extremely difficult for us to go back and fix the many sites! 

Does anyone know a quick fix for this problem other than spending many hours trawling through the web browser console log to find the original url? I doubt we are the only ones with the issue, for us to now find the time to fix the many sites this was used, which is probably a few days work at least, is very frustrating and makes me not want to utilise experience builder sites if this is going to be a ongoing problem with updates and configuration not transferred appropriately.

Cheers Graeme

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Hello @GraemeHill - if possible, please keep your app unchanged from your original configurations and we will take a look.

Any chance you could share the app with me to take a look at?




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DM sent, thanks Tonghui.

Cheers, Graeme

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