Turn on/ off specific layers in Experience Builder when switching views

08-18-2020 05:55 AM
Status: Open
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In StoryMaps (Specifically the tabbed storymap), there is a function that allows you to decide which layers turn on/off depending what tab you are in while maintaining the same map extent. It would be helpful to have this same functionality in Experience Builder when switching between views. An example of our work that we would like to port to Experience Builder can be found here (Be sure to go to the hazard exposure pages to see the tabbed story map): https://napsg.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=261d020c1ec941618e6f338dd127d566 . Notice how the extent stays the same but layers turn on/off depending on what tab you are in. This functionality would cut down on development time and maintenance time would be largely reduced because we won't have to maintain as many web maps.

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by Anonymous User

I agree with this 100%. The functionality could be (possibly?) integrated into the "set custom map extent" interface within the map widget panel. Similar to the "bookmark" widget in a web app, I imagine being able to not only set a custom map extent, but to also be able to check on/off certain layers. I would use this functionality in conjunction with views. Currently, I have to create a separate web map for every view I want to use, whereas with this functionality I would only need to create one web map with all the data layers, and customize the layer visibility for each view.