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04-14-2021 12:47 PM
Status: Open
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I am looking to build a summary widget like the one in WAB. I have built a text widget that does summarize, however, I would like it to round my numbers. Due to the limited coding options within the widget I cannot do this. Let me know if I am wrong, but I would love something like this to be added!

by Anonymous User

Kudos for your post.  I posted something similar a couple of months ago and I saw another post from someone else on this subject.  It seems obvious that if one is working with numbers, as well as dates, you would like some sort of formatting options like most other Esri components.   I like the text widget and how can display data dynamically and appreciate the Experience Builder.  With all the new stuff just added with the release last night, can we please get number formatting?


Another thumbs up for this one. I have a calculation to show number of hours rain (I'm in Scotland so ......) but being unable to round-up or restrict decimal places creates an untidy result.


Same here: a simple division leading to a number with 10 decimals is just messy. Likewise, population numbers really don't need any decimals at all. Some basic number formatting seems rather esential in a program like this.