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"check-all" in filter tool

03-24-2023 08:17 AM
Status: Open
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Would be helpfull if the filter-widget would have the option to "check-all" within the dropdown menue. Rightnow there is only "uncheck-all". Would be nice to have two actions on that button, e.g. if nothing is selected -> "check-all", else --> "uncheck all". Or a second button specific for "check-all".

Rightnow there is the option to "show all available values", "show the selected values", "uncheck-all"


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I totally support this idea. Bigger picture for developing the application and designing the overall ExB user experience, I would really want to have the option to Select All and Unselect All in any place where you can make a multi-selection (Search widget, Filter widget, SQL Expression builders, etc.).