Force activation of a single filter which will deactivate the others

08-21-2020 07:28 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

When we use horizontal button filter we have to click again on a filter to deactivate it if we want to apply only an other. It will be easier to have an option wich will deactivate filter automatically when we choose an other.

Eg. if I click on Filter Two when Filter One is activated, both will be activates with AND/OR condition. If I would like to have only Filter Two, I have to click again on Filter One to deactivate it.

Filter Exemple


I totally agree! In my example we have a variety of corridor filters, and it doesn't make sense to turn more than 1 on. If you turn more than one on, everything disappears from the map. So it would be beneficial if turning on a second filter would deselect all other filters. 

Currently, it is multi-selection all the way, but single-selection will be considered in our roadmap for future enhancements.

Thanks for bringing this up. Stay tuned.