Bar Chart needs "Feature" Category for parity with Dashboard

04-15-2021 10:46 AM
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The bar chart widget in Experience Builder is lacking the "By Feature" category type.

Please add!

My customers are clamoring for a vertically scrolling dashboard and I need to have full charting capability in ExpBuilder to accommodate this.


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Not sure if this is of any help, just hoping to share ideas of using dashboards in Exp Builder and giving the user a detailed experience but in, perhaps, a more accessible format.

This is my weather station and river level sensor dashboard West Highland Way IoT Project - Drymen & Gartness Community Data Dashboard ( , fine for larger screens and those used to viewing this type of information.

The more I looked at it , the more I wanted to open it up to smaller devices along with making the data easier to understand without diluting it. This is what I did with the same dash;
West Highland Way IoT Project - Weather Station & River Sensor Data (


Nicely done Jonathon, I like what you've done with the mobile site. 

Are the time series charts you are showing in Experience Builder created natively within ExpBuilder or are they embedded elements?  This is the point of my Idea - unless I'm missing something, I can't make a simple time series chart in Exp Builder because I can't choose "By Feature" as a category type.  This forces me to create the charts I want in dashboard and then embed them in ExpBuilder.  This increases the complexity of creating and maintaining my ExpBuilder site.