Ability to use attachments as images in the List widget

02-28-2020 07:54 AM
Status: Open
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Our staff are collecting data in the field and attaching photos to records through the Collector app.  I'm testing out using the Experience Builder to display, track, and analyze the in coming data.  The List widget paired with the Map widget work great together; however, I'm unable to add the photo's that are attachments to the feature layer as an image in the List widget.  It' seems like currently, the only dynamic data it will display is an attribute that includes a URL. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

It would be super beneficial to be able to use attached photos as images in the list widget.  It would greatly enhance the usage of this widget.

Thanks so much for the consideration!  I have really enjoyed using the product so far. 


Hi Melanie, 

Thank you for the idea and I'm glad to tell you that Image widget supports display attached images and feature symbols now. For other new features, please refer to this blog.

What’s New in ArcGIS Experience Builder (June 2020) 

Can you share an example with us that shows how to do it? Under image settings, I can see options URL and expression but can't find a way where or how to connect it to the feature class or table's attachment table that holds the images.

Form Image widget the options display looks like this:


You have added following information to the list of What's new in ArcGIS Experience in June 2020.

But in reality we can't see this improvement even in previous version on ExB (in October 2020). There is still only two option behind dynamic source: URL and Symbol.

Can you explain why we can't see this update?