What is offered by a Staging and not by a Concurrent use license?

12-21-2014 10:39 PM
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A vendor is asking about a staging license for ArcGIS for Server 10.2 and we do have a concurrent use license currently.

The vendor is in the testing phase currently on an application.

Before investing on a staging license, we made a small research on the subject and this is the result :

Concurrent use

- An organization licenses the right to use for x number of users.

- Copy protection technology controls access to software.

Staging License

- Licensed per server.

- License fee is per Core.

- For Testing prior to commercial deployment.

Ref. http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/devsummit08/papers/esri_product_licensing.pdf

The documentation above is overdated(2008)

I was wondering if I could find something more relevant to the software version(10.2) I am using.

I cannot find much documentation on the differences in order to decide if it is suitable to work with the concurrent use license or the staging.

Please advice accordingly.

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Of course, the best choice to get the most accurate information is to contact your (or an) esri representative.  as they will be able to give you the license details, since licensing for different organizations may differ (e.g. federal vs. education vs private, etc.).  But from a user/customer perspective:

Concurrent Use licenses typically only refer to Desktop (ArcView/Basic, ArcEditor/Standard, ArcInfo/Advanced) seats. For those licenses, you can have X number of licenses, and up to X number of users/desktops using ArcMap/Catalog at one time.  For example, we have about 350 users but only about 50 concurrent licenses. Any combination of users, up to 50, can use the software at one time.

ArcGIS Server licenses are not "concurrent" in the same context (However, if you are in an organization that has an Enterprise Licensing Agreement "ELA", refer to that agreement since rules may be different)  The software is licensed to be installed on one machine, but unlimited amount of users can use the services. However, there is always a practical limit based on your hardware and network.

ArcGIS Server "Staging" licenses, to the best of my knowledge, are also limited to one machine, and typically are about 50% the cost of the primary/core ArcGIS Server licenses.  They are not for "public" consumption, but are just for development and prepping for conversion to a main ArcGIS Server license [my description/interpretation, definitely not official]

Esri Developer Network  (EDN) licenses  for ArcGIS Server enabled licenses that are licensed per-person (not machine) and are used for development and testing.  They do not come with a Desktop license, so that must be licensed separately (as a single-user or concurrent).  We have several EDN licenses/users and we share a common development machine. In our situation, since there are currently only a couple ArcGIS Server developers, this is still our best option.  As we get additional ArcGIS Server developers, we would look at having a staging license since at a certain point, a staging/development server would be more cost effective.

So, my recommendation (as a user and one who manages the licenses for a state government agency), I would recommend looking into the EDN license for your vendor in the testing and development phase.