Web Tier Authentication - Publisher Role not allowing Services to be Published

08-16-2013 07:54 AM
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We have an environment with the following configuration:
- Web Server with IIS / Web Adaptor 10.1 SP1
- GIS Server - ArcGIS Server 10.1 SP1
- SSL is applied on both Web and GIS Server
- Windows AD configured as the identity store
- Roles are managed ArcGIS Server.
- Web Tier Authentication - IIS enabled Windows Auth.

- Site Admin user can publish fine. This is a local user.
- any users that sign or connect using windows credentials are unable to publish.

We have configured Web Tier Authentication on the GIS Server.  Windows AD is the assigned Identity Store. We are using ArcGIS Server assigned Roles for admins and publishers.  When we assign Windows accounts to the publisher role using the Windows Directory/Web Tier Authentication, users can sign into manager and create connections to the server.  However, they can't publish any services. 

Publshing an SD file through ArcGIS Manager
The odd thing is that ArcGIS Manager reports that the service has been successfully created. Unfortunately, the service is not actually getting created. 

Publishing directly from Desktop through a publisher connection
When connecting through Desktop and attempting to publish, the publishing process bails out after fully processing.  See the attached image for the error message we are getting.

If I reconfigure ArcGIS Server to use GIS Server Tier Authentication, create a local user and assign the user to the same publisher role...... User can connect and publish fine.  The issue is created by the web tier authentication.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
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