Upgrade from Portal 10.5.1 to 10.7.1 issue with feature selection and popup configurations

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We just completed an upgrade of our Portal Enterprise from 10.5.1 to 10.7.1 and have 2 issues that have yet to be resolved.  I do have each of these logged with ESRI, but while I wait for a response, would like to know if anyone experience these, or have any suggestions (aside from rebuilding out Web Maps and Apps) for me to try.

1. All of our popup definitions/configurations have gone missing for all Web Maps that were published prior to the upgrade.  This is seen when reviewing the popup dialog for each layer (in their respective web maps); the "Enable Pop-Ip",and "Configuration Pop-Up" options are not grayed out.  When you select these options, the base configuration dialog shows up (not the custom settings or definitions, that were set before the upgrade).  Also, when you click on the map, the pop-ups do not work.  While this is an issue, what's more puzzling is that the Web Application that use these web maps are showing the pop ups correctly.  My concern is if we update one layer's pop-up, it will save and remove all of the other popups in that web map.  Hoping someone has a graceful fix for this.

Here's example of popup dialog for one layer of our published web map):EdJuarbe_2-1605737126483.png

Below is the unconfigured popup dialog:


(web map that uses this popup does not display the popup (kind of expect that).

However, below is a web application that consumes the above layer, and the resulting custom popup:


Looking to find out where the application stored the pop-up definitions in case I need to replace them, if possible.  Better if there is a resolution to fix the pop ups in the web map.

2. When selecting a feature, the first feature shows the selection graphic correctly (overlaps the feature as expected), subsequent features selected shows a "random" selection graphic-feels like something is cached in the selection and displaying incorrectly.  Many of the selection graphics are close, but show additional vertices and in some cases are way different in geometry from the selected feature.

Green line is the selected feature, cyan line is the selection graphic:


Finally, this happened on our development server and p

Thanks in advance!

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