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05-10-2013 09:47 AM
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I have created a search service on 10.1 and can get it to search and index a file geodatabase that I copied to the server. That's great, it means the service is working but I really want to have the service search our published ArcSDE database. I copied a connection file to the server and added it to the connection but nothing happens, it does not index it.

Using 10.0 I was able to get a search service working with an SDE connection after a lot of messing about. Since the connection file had a username/pwd saved in it all objects added to ArcMap from the seach came in with the same saved username/pwd from the search service connection file.

So I have two questions:
1) Do SDE connections work with 10.1? I can't get it to index an SDE connection even with a saved username/pwd
2) Why (in 10.0 at least) when I have a search service pointing to SDE does it connect with the same credentials on the search service connection file? It should anonymize the connection and allow each user to connect with their own userid.

If anyone has any experience with this then please reply.

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Hi Allan,

We have experienced this exact same issue.  I opened a case with ESRI tech support when I was at the developer summit this spring. 

Some findings:

  • We can index our SDE database from ArcGIS for Desktop:)

  • When we extract a subset of our SDE database to a file geodatabase, we can index the file geodatabase with the search service:)

  • When we attempt to index with our search service, it will index the first 10 or so items, and then fail. :mad:

I'm assuming this is a bug with ArcServer 10.1 / the search service.  Getting the bug recognized by ESRI is another matter.

Let me know if you make any progress with this.

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