Not being able to connect as publisher to shared gis server

01-27-2015 06:27 AM
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We recently started a sharing program with a municipality that has there water and sewer infrastructure interconnected with ours. We have established each other as domain users in our respected networks. I am able to connect to there GIS server no problem as a user. However we ran into an issue where the number of instances were being used up and that resulted in freezing up both our maps that consume the map service and the other municipalities server. So we made each other publishers which would allow me to make a local copy so as to not have all our maps hitting their server it would instead being hitting ours. But when I try to connect to their server as a publisher I get the following error. As does the other municipality when he tries to connect as a publisher to ours.

We were unable to connect to: http://theirserver/arcgis

Error: Proxy server got bad address from remote server (verify their server is running)

So why do I get this message when trying to connect as publisher. But I can connect just fine when connecting as a user

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