MXDPERFSTAT utility not generating the output

06-14-2012 11:10 PM
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I was trying to generate mxdperfstat utility on a mxd. The utility is working fine its opening the Arcengine intefacing analysing to different scales. I can also the see it in the command prompt utility.

But at the end I don't have anything as output?

Do anyone help on this?

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Hi Antony,

I had the same issue, and it was not until a day or two later that I found the output files sitting on another drive location, (might have something to do with policies and H drive being used as home drive) and I had the script running from the C drive.

It might pay to try running it again, and then searching all of your drive locations for .xml created within the last 24 hours.

Once found copy the results (.xml) into the same location as the script and the .xls

Now try running the script again, the crazy thing I then found is that as long as there was at least one .xml in the script location from then on every time you run the script the out put will be placed with the .xsl and the script on the C drive.

Hope the helps


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Had the same problem.  I found it here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.2

Hope it helps someone!
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I was having the same issue and the posts from both Frank and Mathew were very helpful. I also found my missing xml in another location. Mine were in C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\. Once I copied the xml outputs in the correct directory, they then began appearing in c:\.

To get it to work properly, I made sure I was navigating to the desired output location in the command prompt prior to running the command to run the tool. In the image below, you'll see that I navigated to c:\MapTest first.

This appears to have fixed all the issues.

Hope this helps!

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Even I'm getting error.

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