Issue while opening ports for ArcGIS Server on firewall

01-08-2021 01:51 AM
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We are facing issues while installing the ArcGIS Server on Windows VM. We are following ArcGIS Server 10.8.x system requirements documents

While opening given ports on firewall settings (inbound rules) the ports didn't get open. And when we install the ArcGIS Server without opening the ports on the firewall the ports automatically get open. We have verified the ports after the ArcGIS Server installation using telnet on command prompt.

How to open the ports before installing the ArcGIS Server as mentioned in the document?

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Are you stating the ArcGIS Server installer is automatically configuring the firewall ports for you?  If so, why do you need to open them ahead of time if the installer is doing it automatically?

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Hello Joshua,

I have the same problem with GeoEvent Server. After installation of GeoEvent Server it is saying that server is waiting for Zookeeper. I think GeoEvent Server is waiting for some port. Please suggest.




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ArcGIS Server installer automatically configuring the HTTP and HTTPS ports only not all the ports like ports which are used for intermachine communications. So how we can open these ports?

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Refer to your security client documentation.  Esri's installers automatically configure a couple ports because those ports need to be open for any deployment, but Esri doesn't automatically open all potential ports for every deployment.  For example, opening up inter-machine communication ports for a single-machine deployment would be unnecessary.  Since Esri doesn't know how the user will deploy the software, they provide all the ports that need to be open in their documentation, and the user can configure the local security client to meet their needs.

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For reference: Ports used by base ArcGIS Enterprise components

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