How to publish a service from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS server?

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11-26-2014 01:10 PM
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I am trying to figure out how to publish a service to ArcGIS Server directly from ArcGIS Pro. I found out how to make the connection to the server and how to share my map as a webmap. So now I want to know if there is a way to publish the same map via ArcGIS Server.


Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hi Gabriel,

In ArcGIS Pro you can only make user connections to ArcGIS for Server or to a portal's federated server. User connections do not have privileges to manage services that are published to ArcGIS server or a portal's federated server. You will need to use ArcMap or Manager to do so. You may delete hosted services/web layers (those published to an ArcGIS organization or Portal for ArcGIS) directly from the Project pane in ArcGIS Pro. Click the Portal tab and right-click a web layer - you will see the delete option.


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Will ArcGIS Pro ever have the capability to publish services directly to ArcGIS for Server?

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Hi Michael,

I'm sorry. I can't answer your question at this point in time.


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This is super confusing to me. Can someone in the know share insight and a road ahead strategy for us Arcmap map service creators?

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Also, adding to my comment/question... At this time we see no business need in our org to use Portal but do and will use Server and AGOL. It seems to me that ArcGIS  Pro will force Server users to implement Portal at some point.

Is that a fair stayement to make?

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You are correct that at this point in time sharing a web layer from Pro, i.e. publishing a service, requires the use of a Portal for ArcGIS-based Web GIS. Technically, your ArcGIS Server site must be federated with Portal for ArcGIS.

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This seems to be the way ESRI is headed, tying together with a tight knot ArcGIS Server and Portal/AGOL.  I'm very disappointed that this is their road ahead as it forces me to purchase products that I don't have a business use case for.  I've used ArcMap and ArcGIS server for years, with no need for Portal/AGOL, and have been patiently waiting for the ability to publish 3D data.  So now Pro can publish 3D data, and what do they do?  Require you to go through Portal or ArcGIS online.  I completely understand why using Portal/AGOL as means to organize/expose your ArcGIS Server services is beneficial, as exclusively using rest endpoints from ArcGIS Server can sometimes get complicated.  But I also completely disagree with ESRI's business model here; users should have a choice, not be forced to use something they don't need or want.

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Hi Philip,

I have federated our ArcGIS server with ArcGIS online, and would like to publish a "Dynamic" map service layer to our arcgis server (with joins, complex labeling, and the ability to identify). In ArcGIS Pro though, the share web layer tool only has options for Feature, or Tiles. Could you confirm whether or not it is currently possible to publish dynamic layers through pro, either through ArcGIS online or Portal?

Its my understanding that Portal and AGO are basically the same thing, and Portal seems like an unnecessary addition to our stack at the moment. It is more work to set up, upgrade, and maintain. However, it may be necessary if it provides additional capabilities mentioned above.

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you can share a Map Image Layer  Map Image Layer from Pro

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In case of ArcGIS Pro, I couldn’t figure out the reason behind having the Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online that are working as third-party software in order to be able to publish data. Publishing the data directly with ArcGIS Server and consuming services right away by any web mapping applications appears to be much more powerful approach.

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