Geoprocessing service not working

10-31-2021 05:41 PM
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Hello community, I am stuck in setting up a geoprocessing service to export a web map. I am following ESRI tutorial to achieve this task. I managed to publish a geoprocessing service to ArcGIS server and used the sample JavaScript code with the URL to the geoprocessing service to build a web application to export the web map. However, what I can see by double clicking the html file is just a blank interface, not the web map.

I have been comparing this tutorial with other ESRI learning source such as ESRI video (13:04). I found that this tutorial uses "Optional" for "Web_Map_as_JSON" in parameter setting of the script tool whereas the video uses "Required" for "Web_Map_as_JSON" parameter (please see screen shot below). A0328_0-1635726180287.png

As ESRI's tip in the tutorial says that we can leave the input parameter for Web_Map_as_JSON blank, the script tool won't run successfully if I change the parameter to "Required". 


I don't know if this difference is the cause of my problem but I have not been able to find any other potential cause yet. I appreciate If anyone points out a cause of my problem and give me some advice.

Thanks in advance.


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I added this service URL ("https://MyServer:6443/arcgis/rest/services/ArcpyMapp/ExportWebMap/GPServer/ExportWebMap").

This URL is what I also used for the html. But once I type this URL in the *Service URL section, the error came across, "This URL is not available".

Thanks for the link, I will read through them.

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