Error 001359: Failed to connect to server : ArcGIS server 10.3.1

07-31-2015 11:57 AM
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I have installed ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 - am unable to publish the services. When i try publishing using Arcmap am getting Error 001359 Failed to connect to ArcGIS server. ArcGIS server configured to HTTP and HTTPS and uses Web adaptor. PublishingTools does not get started, it throws an error . I could able to connect to manager using HTTPS and view services etc,

Service failed to start

  1. System.PublishingTools.GPServer: com.esri.arcgis.discovery.servicelib.AGSException: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: The server was unable to access the URL 'https://myserver:6443/arcgis/services'. Please check your firewall and security settings. For more information, see the ArcGIS Server help topic Ports used by ArcGIS Server. You can access this topic in the table of contents by navigating to Administering ArcGIS for Server > Securing your ArcGIS Server site > Configuring a secure environment for ArcGIS Server.

ArcGIS server throws error "AGSAdminConnect FAILED."

When I configure HTTP authentiction, publishing service started. I have throughly investigated all data-configure and other config files could not find place a where call "https://myserver:6443/arcgis/services" is made?. Deleted site and recreated everything looks good.

I am not able to start the publishing service and publish any service. Any pointers is highly appreciated.

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If you have configured web adaptor with ArcGIS Server site, then open it using the following URLs

For connecting Server Manager


For connecting through ArcCatalog


​Note: Optionally, you could also use https instead of http. Do not use port number in the URL.

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Hi Jayanta,

Thanks for your time and response. Unfortunately that was not such easy to resolve. I have raised ticket with ESRI and working on this. Appreciate it.

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Hi SR,

Any news about your problem ?

Are you working on a cluster ?

We have a similar problem (cluster of 2 arcgis servers 10.3) when restarting services. But it occures only on 1 machine in the cluster.

We think it could be related to the proxy.

Do you have a related NIM ?

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Hi, can anyone explain how this problem was solved? I migrated from 10.5 to 10.5.1 and I have the same problem.


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Did it only start happening after the upgrade?  I assume so.  Can you reach https://myserver:6443/arcgis/services in a browser when you're signed in as the account running the ArcGIS Server Windows service?

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Hello, finally we can resolved it issue. We have configured a proxy in Arcgis Server Service account. When we remove this configuration the services can be initiated.

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Hi Javier,

Can you please provide me the steps on how you resolved this issue as we are facing similar problem after upgrade to 10.5

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Hi Sandeep,
We resolved this issue configuring proxy gateway again in ArcGIS Server Account, BUT adding exceptions for "local" domain names and "local" ip network address in advanced options.
We need configure proxy gateway for connect to ArcGIS Online Services, but this configuration sometimes resolve LOCAL domain names as EXTERNAL domain names and fail some local ArcGIS Server services as PublishingTools.

Best Regars.

Javier R. Pintos Ettlin

Ciampagna & Asoc. S.A.

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Dear Javier R. Pintos Ettlin,

can you tell me what exactly you write in Exception (Excepciones) window?

Thank you!

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