Enterprise with SSO IWA and Field Maps?

02-14-2024 05:07 PM
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I am attempting to utilize FieldMaps, but when logging into my Portal 'https://<dns1>.<domain>.com/portal' (has IWA and SSO enabled) I am constantly getting a recurring login request. The field devices do not require a login that syncs with our Active Directory.

I also attempted creating a second webadaptor 'https://<dns2>.<domain>.com/portal' that doesn't have IWA enabled, and I can access the Maps within FieldMaps, but any of the data that is not publicly shared gives me an error that the service is secured and is requesting a login. When I attempt to do this, I am experiencing the same recurring login request no matter what. Both DNS are pointing to the same portal.

Essentially what I am looking to implement is a SSO experience to my Portal content for staff on our intranet and logged into an Active Directory device, while allowing access to FieldMaps that is off network.

Thank you for any advice.

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IWA and SAML2 are sort of mutually exclusive.  You choose to use IWA and forego all other authentication types, or you use SAML2...


Scott Tansley
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Piggy-backing off Scott's comment, here is a useful Esri document that outlines different deployment scenarios

If you need AD, you can consider integrating AD with a SAML provider, then have all users utilise SAML to login.


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