ArcGIS for Server - educational / home use offering?

06-28-2014 02:06 AM
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Since there's now an ArcGIS Desktop for Home Use program (full "ArcInfo" license level, or whatever they call it these days), would be terrific if Esri would provide a similar offering for ArcGIS Server / ArcSDE. If you agree, please vote here:

Offer ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home educational-use programs (900 votes but not even Under Consideration):

Here's a reboot of the Idea:
ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home use (in the Cloud)

Vote up both if you like.

In the absence of such things, how does one learn the most recent versions of these technologies if one does not currently use it in the workplace / have access to install media via an Enterprise License Agreement?

With ArcGIS Server certification programs in place, and presumably paid training that supports certification, wondering what the mechanism is for students to learn ArcGIS Server / SDE. Are there free AMIs one can access to experiment with new versions of ArcGIS Server?
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