ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Disaster Recovery

10-27-2020 10:48 AM
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We have deployed a 2-server ArcGIS Server instance using ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder 10.8.1 for Microsoft Azure.  

In the event of a regional DR scenario what can be done to expedite recovery and/or are there certain items such as configuration of map services that must be re-configured regardless of whether or not we have things replicated to a secondary region? 

For example - if there was an outage in Azure US-EAST region for any reason, would pointing resources to a replicated instance in US-CENTRAL cause issues with ESRI map services or would they still run without re-deploying them?

Any documentation or insights into replication of resources or disaster recovery scenarios would be greatly appreciated.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Are you familiar with the WebGIS DR tool? The tool, included with the install of Portal, is designed to help you maintain a "warm standby" by replicating content to a separate deployment in a different region on a scheduled interval. If there are issues with your primary environment, you can flip over to standby.

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