Publishing Custom Widget in ArcGIS Online

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11-14-2017 10:40 PM
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Currenly, client is using Portal as well as ArcGIS Online and the custom widget what i am going to build should be in portal and AGOL. I knew the deployment procedure for the Portal. But, can anyone let me know the deployment steps for the ArcGIS Online???



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Hi Jerry,

> Are there plans in the near future to support hosting custom widgets in ArcGIS Online? Is this part of 2019 road map?

There are no immediate plans to enable hosting custom widgets in ArcGIS Online at this time. Please vote for the enhancement, Upload Custom Widgets To ArcGIS Online 

Hope this helps,

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Thanks.  It's fine.  Obviously, Enterprise will always have more functionality..., i.e. webhooks, Tracker, etc...  Peace&Love, Jerry

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We run completely on ArcGIS Online, web hooks though integromat work directly with AGOL (Survey123) and Tracker is supposed to be compatible with AGOL, in the near future. 

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