Web app stopped working after federating/making hosting a server?

11-13-2015 12:00 AM
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I have local AGS, Portal and a Web App which works with WebMap loading services from directly from AGS.

According to client's request to upload shapes, I assigned hosting server to portal.

Then the problems started.

Here are the steps:

0. Enable HTTPS on AGS.

1. ArcGIS Datastore install and configuration.

2. Web Adaptor configured with server.

3. Server is federated.

4. Server is selected as hosting.

5. WebMap's services URL's are edited to work with Web Adaptor (by removing ":6080").

Good things: import shape with portal works OK.

Bad things:

Some widgets in a Web App started to suffer from authentication problems ("Invalid redirect_uri").

Cached orthophoto baseman started to suffer from slow performance.

Thanks for help!

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