Story Map Journal shared through distributed collaboration does not bring through images

10-06-2021 04:39 PM
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Good morning all,

I'm new to Enterprise and Collaborations so I'm hoping I've just missed something simple here.

We have Enterprise deployment of Portal 10.8 here and I have set up a distributed collaboration between Enterprise and our AGOL presence. I'm creating a story map journal to showcase the location and details of artworks with the public. I've been creating this through Portal and then shared it to our collaboration group. So far the sharing seems to work well, I can see the story map in AGOL, but it looks like the photos I inserted into the story map have not appeared.

I wondered whether I could add the photos as content in portal, and share those with the collaboration as well. I know I can add images as content, but I'm not sure how to insert images from My Content into my story map journal (it looks like it just gives the option of local storage or Flickr) or if that's even possible.

Has anyone tackled this before? I understand that Story Map Journal is in extended support and there's more of a push to use the story map builder but I need to push this project out fairly quickly so the journal builder is much quicker for me to put together, buying me some time to learn story map builder.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I shared an image as content in Portal, then inserted the image into my story map using the item's URL. This seemed to work well within the context of our internal Portal environment. When I sync my workspace and view the story map in AGOL however the image contains the error "*Portal URL* refused to connect". The image was shared with the collaboration, and I'm able to view it in AGOL, however it's still holding onto the Portal location. Has anyone got any tips for how to resolve this?

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