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01-17-2013 12:35 AM
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The search function in the symbol selector on my computer does not work. No matter what I enter in the text box it never finds anything. Yes, I have selected "All styles"...Yes, all the style files are in the right directory...Yes, I am able to manually find symbols... Anyone who has had the same problem and fixed it? Or know of any fixes?
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For better or worse I have not encountered this problem, it sounds like you have already done a good bit of trouble shooting.  If you post a few screen shots of the issue that might get some brain juices going in the forum.

(As some aren't aware, you can take screen shots with the "Print-Screen" button on your key board: )
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Hi Sebastien,

do you experience this missing search within all MXD? Do you have a chance to test it on a second machine?
If the search is correct on other machines then it could be that your Esri profile is kinda corrupted, to test that please rename the folder ESRI to ESRI_old and open ArcMap again.
(The folder ESRI is found on a Windows 7 machine: C:\Users\<user_account>\AppData\Roaming or Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\<user_account>\Application Data\Esri\ )
Note: this renaming will reset your Esri user profile.

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