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11-28-2019 07:28 AM
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I am facing an issue while upgrading ArcGIS Portal from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1. The problem is occurring when I ran the upgrade portal (trough tool available in installation directory and web interface of portal) with below error messages

  1. esri.arcgis.portal.admin.core.site.migration.MigrationException: Failed to upgrade the PostgreSQL from 9.6.8 to 10.6.
  2. esri.arcgis.portal.admin.core.site.migration.MigrationException: java.lang.Exception: Source path C:\arcgisportal\db\postmaster.pid does not exist.

Note that I already checked the permission of arcgisportal folder and the account through which portal service is running has write access on it.

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Hi Andrea,

sad to read that you ran into the same problem.

Esri support told me to set up a parallel system, to install 10.6 from fresh there, to backup the original 10.6 enterprise deployment with WebGIS DR and to re-import it to the parallel system also with this tool and then to run the 10.8 upgrade.

As this means for me to create up to 5 new virtual servers and to reinstall the system, I've postponed this task into summer 2020 when there is hopefully more time for me to accomplish this.

Good luck in solving this problem!

Best wishes


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Thanks for your answer Christian,

actually I'am coming exactly from a migration: 10.6 (server_old) -> webgisdr -> 10.6 (server_new) -> upgrade 10.8.

The odd thing is that after a while the upgrade goes aehad and complete. And now I'm investigating if the deplyment is consistant or bad. 

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same error here from 10.6 to 10.8 on Windows platform, someone solved that?

"Upgrade failed. com.esri.arcgis.portal.admin.core.site.migration.MigrationException: Failed to upgrade the PostgreSQL from 9.6.3 to 10.10."



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Hi Andrea

We've been seeing this error several times now when upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise towards version 10.7 or 10.8. We never saw this behavior in the past. We found a workaround however: before you start the upgrade, change the security properties of C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal, C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server, C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DataStore, C:\arcgisdatastore, C:\arcgisportal, C:\arcgisserver, C:\Python27 and give 'Everyone' full control on these folders. Some things seem to go wrong with the permissions on the folders when upgrading, especially with older installations which had several upgrades in the past. No need to run the webgis DR tool and restore everything on a new environment.

Best regards


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Thank you for the advice Philippe,

I'll give it a try if I restart from my previous 10.6 snapshot. 

Regards Andrea

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