portal for Arcgis can’t be reached "Could not access any Portal machines. Please contact your system administrator."

04-30-2021 02:12 PM
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Hi dears,

I have a problem with ArcGIS Enterprise especially with Portal for ArcGIS. I reinstall the enterprise several times cause of Portal for ArcGIS doesn't work, it works for a period of time (1-4 days) then it gives me an error  "Could not access any Portal machines. Please contact your system administrator." with web adaptor and "This site can’t be reached" without web adaptor

I searched for some workarounds and found that:

1- restart the service, but unfortunately portal for ArcGIS service doesn't appears in the services list.

2- repair / Reinstall portal for ArcGIS, and it takes a lot of time (2 - 4) hours but it doesn't make sense to do that.

so kindly i need a unique solution.

my machine meets the requirements: 16GB Ram / free space: about 50 GB / Win 10 Pro / Domain / IIS

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Hi @cloneportal,  the "Please contact your system administrator." error is when webadaptor can't communicate with portal. for debugging go to https://DNS:7443/arcgis/home.

When you say that the service is missing is it missing out of services.msc or Task Manager?

What is the CPU Speed and are you on SSD hard drives.

Then when the system stops working is the d:\arcgisportal or c:\arcgispotal "ContentStore" folder still present on the system?

when the windows service is missing that will definitely break portal, I would start investigating there, you can have a look at the antivirus perhaps. 

How many ArcGIS server Services do you have in ArcGIS Server ?




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hi @HenryLindemann 

1- I mean services.msc.

2- my Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10510U CPU @ 1.80GHz 2.30 GHz

       RAM: 16.0 GB (15.2 GB usable)

       GPU: AMD Radeon (TM) 640

        with SSD 240 GB for C: only

-second, now I uninstall the enterprise and use ArcGIS Enterprise Builder, the same problem still as it, portal for arcgis cannot be work, even the service cannot found at services.msc only ArcGIS Server & Datastore. is working fine.

any help please!

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Hi @cloneportal,

So the main thing to me is the Portal for ArcGIS Service, if that is corrupted/deleted then Portal will not work, do you have a antivirus on the device? 

If you go to Event Viewer do you see any "critical" or "error" entries that refers to portal.

Have you done a clean reinstall of portal "DATA LOSS WARNING" e.g. clean out c:\arcgisportal AKA c:\arcgis\arcgisportal  and C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal that might be some corrupt component in there. Doing this will delete any data you had in portal.

the Clock Speed "Cpu" is a bit low but I think it should work regardless, so if you can check the following is the latest C++ redistributables installed

Is all windows patches installed.

On Enterprise Builder are you adding port 443 in IIS when the initial install is done and adding a certificate.

Kind Regards


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