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Portal Architecture and Organization

05-21-2024 01:55 PM
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I am a new portal admin for a mid sized corporation and need to completely restructure and organize the current enterprise portal. Currently there is only one environment (production) and 6 servers that were migrated when the company was sold/split a few years ago. There are over 160 groups and categories are not being utilized. Most web apps are using non-registered datasets, therefore most published data is not referenced requiring frequent republishing. Some of the web apps are built in Web App Developer (headache to manage) and will need to be moved to experience builder soon. There are several webapps that are still being developed for different teams and need polishing before deployment.

I am a bit overwhelmed, any ideas where to start?

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Esri has some documentation called the ArcGIS Well-Architected Framework that might be useful to get started with.

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You mention the trouble of overwriting web services frequently - are you able to publish referenced data? If you are, I might suggest that; get started with your data process first since ultimately everything is built off of that. If you know where your data is coming from and where it's going, building and maintaining apps gets a bit easier.

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is a fresh build an option for you?

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There won't be easy answer for it ...

If budget allows, I'd suggest contacting your local Esri Professional Services for a thorough review on your portal content and ask them to help you to setup a good governance framework.

they'll look into your identity management, data flows, publishing / sharing controls, just name a few. and they can give your practical advice based on your content / workflow and Esri best practices...

It will be more worthwhile when you know your pain points, you can setup specific expectations and ask them to deliver in their reports.

Once you have the governance framework, your daily admin work will be much easier.

I know it sounds like a Esri Promo...

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