Legend issue in 10.1

09-14-2012 10:00 AM
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I'm having a hard time getting my legends to behave properly in ArcMap 10.1.
In 10.0 with sp3 I was able to add VBscripts to the descriptions that would allow me to adjust line spacing for legend entries.
This is not functional for me anymore and the new legend wizard doesn't allow me to make these changes.
My legends have line leading that is way to wide for the area I have allotted for my legend and I can't open the legend style properties to see why.
Anyone have any ideas, workarounds or helpful input? Anything would be appreciated.
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Can you give me an example (screen shots perhaps) of what worked in 10.0, but not 10.1? Thanks.
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I'm having a similar problem.  We have a lot of text in our legends that now have the line spacing in the wrong places.  It was fine migrating from 9.3 to 10.0.

I really don't want to reformat the entire map text and legend

Josie Bailey
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Here is an example of the issue. As you can see the spacing for all but the second item look pretty good. The line leading of the third item is what I would like to change but the VBA script I had been using for this purpose isn't functional anymore.

VBA script I was using is this:
<FNT name = "Times New Roman" size = "12">ANCSA Patented or Interim Conveyed</FNT><LIN leading = "-5">
</LIN><FNT name = "Times New Roman" size = "8">  (Bureau of Land Management, July 2012)</FNT>
GIS Analyst for AK
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