Has anyone successfully created an Azure GIS Server Role with Cloud Builder 10.5.1?

10-10-2017 02:25 PM
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I'm running Cloud Builder 10.5.1 for Azure.  I successfully created an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.  However, the GIS Server deployment always fails.  The AGS VM is successfully created but the script fails at the point of accessing the Azure Database.  Doesn't matter if I have pre-built the Azure database or have the Cloud Builder script build the database.  The error message is "Unable to connect to Server '<Server_Name>.database.windows.net' using UserID:-

<db_account_name>" where <db_account_name> is the database admin account name and <Server_Name> is the Azure SQL Server.  I can access the server/database with SQL Server Studio Manager using the same account name.

Anyone got a solution?

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