ArcMap and ArcPro in VDI Environment

05-09-2019 01:06 PM
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I've seen a few discussions on running ArcMap and ArcPro in a VDI Environment but they were older discussions.  Is anyone currently using a VDI Environment to run these programs?  If so, what is your take on it?  I'm currently looking at going this direction but I'm needing more information to present to my superiors.  We are looking at migrating all of our GIS Data, servers, etc. over to AWS and possibly use AWS Workspaces to access the data and maps. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Kevin, did you ever hear from anyone on this subject?  Which direction did you go?  


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Hi Kevin,

If your intent is to host ArcGIS Pro in AWS environment then I would advise you to look into AppStream solution.

If you want to provide windows virtual environment for your team then Workspace may suit better.