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Viewing ArcGIS Service Ownership as an Administrator

12-02-2019 09:07 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

After attempting to find a solution online and speaking with ESRI customer support, I have found there is no way to view ownership of services in Server Manager. This presents a problem for organizations following turnover of GIS professionals. For example, Sharing Properties for services can only be edited by the owner of the service, however, no notes were left by the past administrator as to which account these services belong to. 


Hi Zachary, thank you for posting this idea!

I'd like to make sure we fully capture your request here - Are you using a standalone ArcGIS Server, or is your server federated with an ArcGIS Enterprise portal? 

If you are using an ArcGIS Enterprise portal, there is quite a bit of structure around content management that makes item ownership easy to manage. For example, it is possible to see the owner of each service, and it is possible to change ownership easily. Owner information can be seen in the Item Description page for any content, like this:

Some documentation on how to do this in the Enterprise portal is here


Hey Thomas,

I apologize for taking so long to respond to your email. I am indeed using Portal for ArcGIS and was finally able to recognize (a real duh moment for me) that this was managed simply in Portal as you said. However, I still believe this idea is relevant because the issue would hold true for those not utilizing Portal to manage their content. Therefore I believe it should remain a possible enhancement for future releases of ArcGIS Server Manager.

Thanks for your response!