Tag Management interface in ArcGIS Enterprise ( Portal for ArcGIS)

01-13-2021 03:23 PM
Status: Open
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Like Categories, a interface to manage tags for ArcGIS Enterprise would benefit many organisations, something like ArcGIS Item Information for ArcGIS Online but this version comes with ArcGIS Enterprise ( core, out of the box menu option, a separate web based component, a “plug in”or client download product\extension) . For Portal for ArcGIS items, the interface could

  1. List all tags
  2. List all tags and items to which they belong
  3. Ability to select a tab and modify the value. Any changes are directly applied to the item(s)
  4. Bulk assign tabs and remove tabs from items and/or groups
  5. Sort tabs by their participating groups and/or items
  6. Search for tags

It would also be great if users could connect to their ArcGIS Server site and do the same tasks\activities but across all services.

Tag management is a contant issue for GIS Administrators as there is a large overhead in reviewing and editing tags manually through Portal for ArcGIS interface ( as part of a QAQC process). It is difficult to gain a complete oversight of tags across all items within the organisation, analyse and action any tag management activities. Tags are mandatory when creating content but there is no mechanism to manage them through an interface.

A management interface would ensure

a) Publishers using ArcGIS Pro have a consistent and set series of tags to select from (tick box)

b) GIS Administrators can have oversight across the entire Enterprise site and keep approved tags inherited, consistently applied and controlled.

c) Provides an analysis tool to understand what non approved tags content creators are entering and whether those tags should be adopted officially, removed or modified to align .

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It would be great to have the AGOL item information user interface to work with Portal.  The ability to sign into your organization portal and modify any tags associated with items in the organization.