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Publish popups, and more line symbologys in agol/portal

06-08-2020 12:35 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

would be good if u can set up your popups in arcgis pro, and then publish your service to arcgis online or portal and the settings for the popup got published also. not only for feature services like it is today.

also when changing symbology in agol or portal it would be great if u could have some more linetypes than those that  is possible today. or a cartogrhapic one that you can set yourserlf.


There are two separate ideas included in this single request.  

For the first part about popups, please visit Retain Popup Configuration from ArcGIS Pro to add your support.

For the second part, it may be that what you're requesting already exists as a separate idea.  For example, see Cased Line Symbols for ArcGIS Online & Portal But I don't think we can be sure without some more details about "have some more linetypes."  Can you provide example line types that you would like to see?  If you have example images, that would be best.  Otherwise, just some further explanation of the type of symbology you're looking for. 

Thank you!


oh sry, didnt see that one, although i did search for it no returns came in search results about popups that matches my request, but that surely do.


carto line

Think it would be hard for me to describe, but this is what I would really like to have to work with on the web also.